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About Grid

Our Mission

Grid’s mission is to connect with an audience that wants a deeper, clearer understanding of the world around them, regardless of their political orientation. We provide the facts and context necessary to understand how world events, persistent challenges and mega-trends are connected to one another — and require connected solutions.

Our Approach: Interconnect Journalism

The biggest stories we tell do not exist in silos, so neither do we. We are a collaborative newsroom of beat reporters, subject editors and data journalists who work together to show how the areas we cover are interconnected. To create the most complete stories, we challenge ourselves to look at them through multiple lenses, including science, economics, misinformation, the law, politics, technology, identity and global. The result is a more-complete picture.

Editorial Values


We believe in knowable facts, and we work to uncover them with the help of experts, data and those with lived experiences.


We say what we don’t know and why, including whether data is missing or in conflict.


Our reporters help our audience prioritize the news by helping them understand what is important, even if it is not the newest development.


We strive to find the best experts on a topic, not just the most prominent.


We aren't afraid to ask questions – both the hard questions and those that seem so simple they can be the most intimidating to ask. We always question whether the dominant narrative is correct or oversimplified – or overstated.


The tradition of objectivity is flawed. It has failed to deliver on the goal of fairness, which is our goal. We acknowledge that we each carry experiences, identities and beliefs that shape how we see the world. We know that bias can seep into our work in invisible ways, and we commit to challenge ourselves to mitigate it in our work.


We work across teams and departments to create the best work for our audience. 


We spot interesting angles. We test formats. Sometimes we are serious; sometimes playful. 

Read our full Editorial Code of Ethics

Who We Are

executive team

Perrin Doniger, Chief Operating Officer
Laura McGann, Executive Editor
Stephanie Abrutyn, SVP, Legal and Business Affairs and General Counsel

lead editors

Kay Steiger, Managing Editor
Leah Askarinam, Senior Editor
Suzette Lohmeyer, Senior Editor
Lauren Morello, Science & Technology Editor
Tom Nagorski, Global Editor
Justin Rood, Investigations Editor

contributing editors

Matthew Yglesias, Editor-at-Large

Deputy Editors

Nikhil Kumar, Deputy Global Editor
Morgan Richardson, Deputy Editor


Anna Deen, Data Visualization Reporter
Jake Garcia, Associate Producer, Multimedia
Khaya Himmelman, Reporter
Joshua Keating, Global Security Reporter
Mariana Labbate, Global Team, Editorial Assistant
Jonathan Lambert, Public Health Reporter
Dave Levitan, Climate Reporter
Benjamin Powers, Technology Reporter
Lili Pike, China Reporter
Steve Reilly, Investigative Reporter
Maggie Severns, Domestic Policy Reporter
Sophie Tatum, Politics Reporter
Dan Vergano, Science Reporter
Matthew Zeitlin, Domestic Economics Reporter

audience development

Colin Jones
, Director, Audience & Growth
Cameron Hood, Newsletter Editor
Emma Loewenthal
, Audience Editor
Teresa Mariano
, SEO Manager

Visuals & Production

Shaylyn Esposito, Head Of Design
Lillian Barkley, Copy Editor
Mae Decena, Editorial Illustrator
Erica Lester
, Product Designer

Communications & Partnerships

Sarah McHaney
, Communications Director
Michael Muse
, Manager, Campaign & Partnerships

Product & Technology

Mark Salter
, Head of Technology
Addy Alago
, QA & Testing Manager
Chris Guirguis
, IOS Engineer
Kenny Krug
, Sr. Full Stack Developer
Daniel Porter
, Full Stack Developer

finance & hr

Josh Henderson
, Director, Finance
Thora Alcendor
, Staff Accountant
Crystal Konohia
, Director, People Operations
Stefanie Kushner
, Associate Director, People Operations

information technology

Zaid Salbi
, Director, IT
Elvis Selimaj
, System Administrator
Jamal Colbert
, Network Engineer
Christa Stephens
, IT Support Specialist

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