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Confidential Tips

Do you have sensitive information regarding a matter of public concern? We offer several ways to securely communicate with Grid. No method is perfect, and we encourage you to research each before reaching out.

What makes a good news tip?

Investigations require evidence. Whenever possible, let us know what kind of documentation exists with your submission. We are interested in stories that reveal systemic injustice or widespread harm, and help readers better understand their world.

Proton Mail

Email us using Proton Mail, a free, secure email service.
Email Address:

The most secure way to use this service is for both parties to have Proton Mail accounts.

Proton Mail is an easy to use, secure email service, with messages stored and transmitted in an encrypted format. Once you have signed up to an account, it can be accessed via an internet browser or on a mobile app. Documents and images can be sent as message attachments. Learn more at

Postal Mail

Mail a letter or package to Grid

Address: Grid
c/o Investigations
Washington, DC 11790

Sending a letter or package is the only method to get physical content to Grid. If appropriate measures are taken, conventional mail can be a good way to provide information anonymously.

We recommend that you use a public mailbox, not a post office.

General Tips & Ideas

If you have a story idea or a news tip and don't mind being identified, contact Grid journalists using the form on the tips page.