The war in eastern Ukraine continues: Ukraine war in photos


Ukraine war in photos, April 13: War in the east

As we have reported in recent days, the Russian war on Ukraine is increasingly an assault on the eastern part of the country. Wednesday’s photographs take us there — from the military and civilian vantage points both.

A child at the entrance of a bunker in Severodonetsk, in the Donbas region, while other children played inside the bunker.

Aboveground, reminders of why so many people were spending time underground: a crater in the street; and in Kramatorsk — where a Russian airstrike killed dozens of would-be evacuees last Friday — the aftermath of an airstrike on a school.

Ukrainian officials and military forces continue to urge civilians in the east to leave and head west — and to organize transportation. There are portraits of the evacuees as well.


Lastly, something altogether different, and unusual in recent days: a protest in Moscow. Just one man and his placard, which says, among other things: “Forgive us, Ukraine.” A pair of Russian police officers are visible to the left. We do not know how long the man was permitted to stay there, in his lonely act of defiance.

A girl stands by the door of a bunker.

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