Victory Day in Russia and beyond: Ukraine war in photos


Ukraine war in photos: Victory Day — in Russia and beyond

As Grid has reported, it is one of the most important dates on the Russian calendar — May 9, the day on which the Russians (and the Soviets before them, until 1991) mark the military victory over Nazi Germany. This year there had been much anticipation — and speculation — as to what Vladimir Putin might say and do on this edition of the holiday, with a large-scale war underway and precious few “victories” on offer for the Russian military to date.

We get at that end of the story elsewhere on the site. Here, in today’s curation of photographs, is a look at the spectacle of Victory Day in 2022.

The photos are from Red Square, where Putin honored Russian soldiers past and present, vilified NATO and the West, and — repeating his oft-stated lie — claimed the Ukraine invasion was needed to defeat “Nazis” in that country. But we also note how “Victory Day” has been marked in other capitals: in Warsaw, an attack on Russia’s Ambassador to Poland; in Riga, a photography exhibition honoring Ukrainian victims in the current war; and in Berlin, where pro- and anti-Russian protestors both gathered to mark the day. After all it was in Germany, 77 years ago, that Soviet and U.S. forces met, cementing the bitterly-fought victory over Nazism. Russian and American forces are today about as far from that comity as can be imagined.

Russian female officers cry during the Victory Day Parade
People carry portraits of their relatives - WWII soldiers - as they take part in the Immortal Regiment march in central Saint Petersburg
People take part in the Immortal Regiment march on Red Square in central Moscow
People take part in the Immortal Regiment march on Red Square in central Moscow
Russian officers carry Soviet and Russian flags during the Victory Day Parade at Red Square
Russian President Vladimir Putin seen on the screen speacking during the Victory Day Parade at Red Square
Russian President Vladimir Putin
Pro-Russian and pro-Ukrainian activists fight in Warsaw
Visitors look at the picture boards of the war photo exhibition in front of the Victory Monument
Thousands people take part in antiwar protest at Deutzer Werft.
Ukrainian President Zelensky addresses Danes via video projected on large screens at Copenhagen City Hall Square
Helpers lay flowers at the foot of the fenced-off Soviet Victory Monument in Riga
Young women attend 'Rape Is a War Crime' protest in front of the Consulate General of Russia in Krakow, Poland
People watch a message of Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy during a protest against Russia's war in Ukraine in front of the Soviet War Memorial
A woman holds a placard
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