When war inspires street art across the world: Ukraine war in photos


Ukraine War in photos: When war inspires art

It need hardly be said: Little good can come from global conflict. But war often shines a light on human resilience and courage. And on occasion, it inspires great creativity — among authors and painters and other artists, professional and amateur alike.

This curation of photos from the war in Ukraine brings examples of this creativity — and they come from all over the world. Indeed, this edition of “war in photos” includes only two images from Ukraine itself. The others show murals in Paris and Rome, Houston and Nairobi, Kenya. The likeness of Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy appears in a collage in Barcelona, Spain, and stands tall in an alley in Granard, Ireland. In these places and others, one finds the blue and yellow hues that are Ukraine’s national colors — including in a collaborative art project produced by schoolchildren in the Bronx in New York.

Three photos are from the warring nations. In Zaporizhzhia, Ukraine, a painting honors the sinking of the Russian warship Moskva; in the capital, Kyiv, an enormous mural of “Saint Javelin,” named for one of the most popular and useful weapons sent by NATO to the Ukrainian resistance; and in Borovsk, some 60 miles southwest of Moscow, a brave work of art. “Brave” — because painting a mural in support of Ukraine in Russia today is a dangerous act.

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