How the world stands with Ukraine through sports: Ukraine war in photos

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Ukraine war in photos: The power of sport

There’s a long history of the commingling of global sport with global conflict. We wrote about this during the February Winter Olympic Games in Beijing, given the hopes at that time that sport might help with the diplomatic efforts to ward off a Russian invasion of Ukraine. Of course, that never happened, but in the months since, the world’s playing fields have in different ways become venues for expressions of support for Ukraine.

This was on our minds in the aftermath of Sunday’s stirring World Cup soccer qualifying match, in which the last slot in the 2022 tournament was to be decided. It had been delayed because of the war, given that Ukraine was among the teams in contention. In the event, Wales beat Ukraine, 1-0, but the match drew a global outpouring of solidarity from people who might not have otherwise been interested in a Wales-Ukraine qualifier.

These photos include a few from Sunday’s match, but mostly they cover the myriad ways in which the world of sport has rallied in support of the Ukrainian people. Some are subtle, others less so, but the Ukrainian blue and yellow can now be seen on pitches and diamonds and stadiums all over the world.

Oleksandr Zinchenko of Ukraine applauds the fans on the field
Photo of the Ukrainian fans at the FIFA World Cup Qualifier
The Ukrainian national football team pose on the field with the Ukrainian flag for a photo during the FIFA World Cup Qualifying Playoff
A Ukrainian football supporter is being consoled by her daughter during the FIFA World Cup Qualifying Playoff match.
Inna Gordienko waves The Ukraine national flag as she runs toward the finish line
Close-up of Iga Swiatek of Poland, who is wearing a ribbon supporting Ukraine on her hat
Notre Dame Fighting Irish basketball guard Prentiss Hubb (3) warms up in a PRAY for Peace in Ukraine shirt
Oleksandra Nazarova hugs Maksym Nikitin
Two balloons in the colors of the Ukraine flag float across the infield during a game between the Cincinnati Reds and the Colorado Rockies
Photo of the "Match for peace" football game between Dynamo Kyiv and Legia Warszawa in Warsaw with "Stop the War" written out in big letters in the seats.
A close-up of the shoes of Justin Harding of South Africa showing the colors of the Ukraine flag
An on-ice projection shows the colors of the Ukrainian flag
A close-up of a hockey puck that says "Drop Pucks not Bombs" in the Ukrainian colors
Players hold up "Stop the War" signs and the Ukraine flag on the court.
Helpers work on the Heini Klopfer ski jump on which a peace sign is stuck as a sign of solidarity for Ukraine
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