One photojournalist's view from the front lines of the war in Ukraine

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Ukraine war in photos: One photojournalist’s view from the front lines

In this collection of photographs, a look at the Ukraine eastern front, through the eyes of a single photographer. Normally this space features a range of photojournalists, but there are few currently working in or near the crucial battles around Severodonetsk, where Russia appears to be turning the tide — for now — in the battle for the Donbas region. And Marcus Yam is not just another brave photojournalist. He has worked all over the world, and among a range of honors has won the Robert F. Kennedy Human Rights Journalism Award, the Alfred I. duPont-Columbia University Award, the Scripps Howard Visual Journalism Award, and he has — twice — been part of teams that won a Pulitzer Prize.

Through Yam’s lens we see columns of smoke rising over Severodonetsk, and the aftermath of Russian bombardments, including one man’s struggle to extinguish a blaze next door, after his neighbor’s home was destroyed. In other photos, a Ukrainian supply cache — a reminder of the shortfall of ammunition and other supplies that bedevils the resistance in the east; residents take advantage of a relatively quiet hour to collect bread and water; and a Ukrainian member of Parliament leads a humanitarian mission to Lysychansk. Finally, snapshots from the exodus; a traffic jam — and a small boy waits in the cab of a truck.

A destroyed car with smoke columns rising from Severodonetsk behind
A man tries to put out a fire with a bucket of water as the ceiling collapses
Soldiers and journalists run by a tree while fleeing
supply crates and weapons
A crew stands next to their parked armored vehicle
Group of residents collecting water
Two residents on bicycles with a dog following closeby
Man sits under a tree for shade
Residents waiting in line for bread
Four older women carrying their food
Mariana Bezuhla, a member of parliament, is speaking in a stairwell
crowded street of traffic congestion
Little boy sitting in the front seat of an armored vehicle
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