Mourning the lives lost: Ukraine war in photos

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Ukraine war in photos: The farewells

Each week, Grid reports the latest casualty tolls from the war in Ukraine — the best available estimates for losses of civilians, as well as casualties among the armed forces of both Russia and Ukraine. Such statistics are of course vital to a broader understanding of the conflict, but nearly every day we get a more visceral sense of the war, and the loss, from photos of the sort included in this curation.

Here you will find a single image that reflects the terrible toll of the Russian occupation in Irpin, a long procession in honor of fallen soldiers and a child remembered in Odessa. There are funerals and memorials in Kyiv and Lviv, Kharkiv and Bezlioudivka, the victims of the war remembered in very different ways — from large-scale ceremonies to small and intimate ones. Whatever form the remembrance takes, for Ukrainians it is happening all too often.

A drone image of a war cemetary
A military chaplain leads a funeral service
A man is holding a framed photo of Kira Hlodan, a three-month old, who was killed after a Russian military attack on an Odesa apartment block
A closeup of a female Ukrainian soldier at an official funeral ceremony on Independence Square.
Ukrainian servicemen mourn on the coffin of their comrade Oleh Kutsyn
Group of Ukrainians at Baikove cemetery at night holding flames in farewell ceremony to Roman Ratushnyi
A large funeral procession of people in the streets of Kyiv for Roman Ratushnyi, 24.
Two women embrace in grief at the funeral of their loved ones
Ukrainian troops line up to pay their last respects in front of City Hall, during a funeral service
A woman hugs a boy holding a portrait of one of the nine KORD servicemen who perished in a Russian missile attack in Zaporizhzhia Region during a farewell ceremony
Grieving woman holds a Ukrainian flag with a group of soldiers and casket behind
Photo of a group of grieving relatives during a funeral service for Ukrainian soldier Ruslan Borovyk
Women wearing black stand during a memorial service
Two women and a young boy light candles on a pathway
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