Mourners wait 14 hours to bid farewell to Queen Elizabeth: Photos

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World in Photos: 14-hour waits for a final farewell to Queen Elizabeth II

More than a week after the death of Queen Elizabeth II, questions have been raised about the relative popularity of her son King Charles III, the future of the monarchy in Great Britain and the disposition of the 14 other nations that remain “Commonwealth realms” — places where the queen, and now the king, still holds sovereignty.

But while those conversations — and in some cases, debates — continue, the world has been reminded all week long of the emotional attachment so many people in Britain felt for the queen herself. These photos give a sense of the outpouring: flowers and other tributes outside Windsor Castle, long lines of people waiting through the night near Waterloo Station to see the queen’s coffin at Westminster Hall, the wristbands people are given to confirm their place in the queues and patrol boats along the Thames; and mourners at London’s Southwark Park get a gentle warning — it’s going to be a 14-hour wait.

People have come to London from across the U.K. ahead of the queen’s funeral on Monday. If the road ahead for the monarchy seems like uncharted territory, it’s in large part because Elizabeth was on the throne for seven decades. For the vast majority of these people, waiting day and night to say a final farewell, she was the only monarch they have known.

15 September 2022, Great Britain, London: Numerous people wait in a long line in the Victoria Tower Garden next to Parliament to say goodbye to the coffin of Queen Elizabeth II laid out in Westminster Hall. The coffin containing the Queen will be laid out in the Palace of Westminster (Parliament) for four days. The British Queen Elizabeth II died on 08.09.2022 at the age of 96. Photo: Christian Charisius/dpa (Photo by Christian Charisius/picture alliance via Getty Images)
LONDON, UNITED KINGDOM - SEPTEMBER 16 People queue inside Elizabeth II Queen's lying-in-state in London Westminster Hall. London, United Kingdom on September 16, 2022. (Photo by Lorena Sopena/Anadolu Agency via Getty Images)
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