Bad Takes Podcast, Ep 2: Cops are more popular than some activists think


Bad Takes, Episode 2: Cops are more popular than pro-abortion rights activists (and liberals) might think

It only took two episodes for Matt Yglesias to go there: “This is one of the worst takes ever,” he concludes. The take in question comes from Planned Parenthood Advocates of Arizona, whose leaders announced this summer that the group will not endorse candidates who’ve accepted money from police unions.

This episode gets into one of Matt and Laura’s favorite subjects: the merits of virtue signaling (or litmus testing) vs. political efficacy. They aren’t making the case for extending abortion rights or curbing them. They’re interested in putting down the partisan lens to talk about what kind of politics might work to change policy.

Laura pointed out Pew Research Center polling that shows, if anything, the number of Americans who want to increase police funding is rising, suggesting that taking aim at cops could backfire. Meanwhile, Matt turned to a counter example in Kansas, where liberals waged a successful abortion rights campaign that would make the far-left cringe, ie: It featured white men in ads explaining how abortion bans effect them. The campaign worked. Voters upheld the state’s constitutional right to abortion.

If you’re up for a spirited discussion about what drives Matt and Laura nuts about politics, listen here.


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