Bad Takes, Episode 15: SBF was not for real


Bad Takes, Episode 15: SBF was not for real

This week, the call is coming from inside the house: Laura deems Matt’s old take defending Sam Bankman-Fried’s character the “bad take.” A debate ensues about whether the FTX founder’s good intentions matter. Matt argues the cryptocurrency billionaire is an “effective altruist” who was funding projects no one else wanted to, like pandemic preparedness. Meanwhile, Laura maintains SBF is a bad actor but doesn’t take away from the “effective altruism” movement at large.

Suggested Reads:

Understanding Effective Altruism’s move into politics, Matthew Yglesias [the ‘bad take,’ according to Laura]

Sam Bankman-Fried gave millions to effective altruism. What happens now that the money is gone?, Matthew Zeitlin, Grid [Good primer on SBF’s ‘effective altruism’]


The fall of FTX: The stunning collapse of a massive crypto firm could send shock waves through traditional financial markets, Benjamin Powers, Grid

How FTX played both parties and almost won Washington, Matthew Zeitlin, Maggie Severns, Grid

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