Abortion protests from the D.C. to LA to Paris: After Roe, in photos

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After Roe, in photos: Abortion protests from the Supreme Court to the LA freeway to the center of Paris

The case of Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health Organization that ended a constitutional right to abortion may have been one of those rare events significant enough so that people — whatever their politics — will long remember where they were and what they did when they heard the news. And for many people — in the U.S. and around the world — what they did was head to public spaces to make their views known.

Here, we look at portraits of the response to the Dobbs ruling — from the steps of the Supreme Court itself to a Los Angeles freeway; from Austin, Texas, to Santa Fe, New Mexico, to Milford, Pennsylvania; from the U.S. Embassy in London to the Place de la Republique in Paris. Some people were more provocative than others, and in some places, the two sides came together. All these photographs amplify a point made often since the ruling came down: Passions and emotions are running high.

A woman with a megaphone stands in front of a group of protestors holding signs that say "we won't go back" and "land of the free?"
Protestors walk by the Washington Monument holding a large sign that says My Body My Choice
A woman stands outside the supreme court with "abort the court" written on her collar bone
An anti-abortion activist holding a rosary is surrounded by abortion-rights activists holding signs.
A protestor places a megaphone on the ear of another protestor
An abortion-rights activist argues with an anti-abortion activist holding a sign that says "human beings are not disposable. justice for the five."
A young woman sits on the curb crying during a candlelight vigil.
LAPD officers line up in front of a group of protestors on the freeway
A line of policemen with bikes block a road with policemen on horses behind
Three protestors hold printed-out signs that read "vasectomies prevent abortions," "abortion is a human right" and "if abortions aren't safe, neither are you" in front of a crowd of other protestors.
A woman in a hat stands outside holding a sign that reads as a former fetus I oppose abortion.
A protestor holds a sign that says "never again" with a clothes hanger drawn on it.
A large crowd of protestors holding up signs on the streets of Paris
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